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Minis & Muffins

We are a husband and wife crafting duo bringing two worlds together – the fantastical realm of tabletop role-playing games and the irresistible craving of freshly baked treats.

Gaming and snacking have gone hand-in-hand ever since the first nerds descended down into their basements to roll dice and voice funny characters.

Minis & Muffins was inspired by our love for hosting our friends for a weekend of Dungeons & Dragons. Tapping into our respective strengths of art and baking, our goal is help add a touch of magic to your next gaming adventure.

two men sitting at a table playing a board game
two men sitting at a table playing a board game

Our Inspiration

Products & Services

Our meticulously crafted hand-painted miniatures are perfect for enhancing your tabletop gaming experience. Each figurine is crafted with passion to help immerse you and your party into a world of imagination.

Goblins and Kobolds might get you started, but sometimes you need a little something special. We're available for commission work. Send us a message.

brown cupcakes on blue and white ceramic plate
brown cupcakes on blue and white ceramic plate

Complement your experience by indulging your taste buds with our sweet and savory homemade delights. From mouthwatering muffins to delightful cookies, our baked goods are always crafted fresh and with love.

We do all of our baking the day of our events for maximum freshness and quality. Be sure to follow us so that you never miss when and where we will be next.

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